Ground Floor Farm, Stuart FL | Natalia & Zack


About Ground Floor Farm Location

This location was so unique. The back area of it was covered in rows of above ground grown plants, and other arrays of colorful vegetables, flowers, and greenery growing in all directions.  The indoor area was decorated by the bride and her mother. The ceiling was covered in lights, moss, and branches. It was so enchanting. She was going for a Bohemian look and she nailed it with all of her DIY decorations. It was so gorgeous and unique! The had their ceremony in the same room as the reception. The room filled with natural light. It was truly a garden and bohemian daydream.

About Natalia & Zack

I was so lucky to be apart of their day. I knew we were a great fit when I first heard Natalia say "my eyebrows need to be on fleek"! I really connected with them, and they also shared a true appreciation for photography. It was my first wedding shot with film and digital. They were so thrilled I was testing out my film with them. Again, we truly connected and they had a huge appreciation for the art of photography. So it is such a blessing to have couples who understand and appreciate the art. There were so many sentimental parts about their wedding. It was truly a beautiful day, and you could see how close all the family was and how great this day was to them.


Canon 5D mark III + Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 + Edited in Lightroom + Mastin Labs presets Portra & Fuji + Pentax 645n + 105mm, Scans by The FIND Lab