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How do we book you? 

You are officially booked once you put down a $1,000  non-refundable deposit & sign a contract. Then your date is set in stone! 

Im awkward in front of the camera! What do I do?!

Have no fear, this is why you hired me! I live to make people laugh and make the process super easy. I will guide you into poses that look real and authentic. Even if it feels awkward, trust me, it looks great on camera! I suggest a glass (or two) of wine before a session if you are really tense and need to relax!

Do you offer other sessions besides weddings?

YES, I also shoot families, maternity, seniors and all sorts of stuff! Just shoot me an email and I can send you some gallery examples! Those sessions range from $250-$350.

How do payments and contracts work? 

I can take your payments by check, cash, or a safe online invoice that you can pay directly with card. Don't worry, I don’t keep your credit card info, it’s done through PayPal so its super safe and easy! Contracts are done online, I send you the official contract and you sign it digitally. As I said, easy! 

When is my final payment due? 

2 weeks before your wedding. 

Why do you shoot film? 

Film in my opinion is the highest of quality in photography you can get. The colors are something that just cannot be mimicked with digital. The natural and organic look of film will always be in style. There is something magical about film, and it is the reason my clients hire me. I believe in quality over quantity. Film takes time and devotion, so you know when you received a good film photo, its because the photographer truly devoted themselves to create it. 

Do you also shoot digital? 

Yes! I shoot both, I love the look of film but the speed and reliability of digital, so you will get both for your special moments. 

How many photos do I receive? 

No cap on the amount of photos I give. To estimate, its usually anywhere from 650-900 photos for 8 hour+ wedding. 

How long will it take to receive my photos? 

4-6 weeks depending on how busy the season is. I know it sometimes feels like a long time to wait, but I promise its because good things take time! You will be head over heels when you get your images. 

How do I receive my film photos? 

After the lab develops them, they scan them and send me the large JPEG file. So you will get them in digital form just like you will with the other images, then you will have the option to print them. 

Can I get RAW or un-edited photos? 

I do not give RAW or un-edited photos away. They are not a good representation of my work when they are un-finished. No professional photographer who values their work will give you RAW or un-edited photos. 

How does the online gallery work? 

You can directly download the high resolution images from the gallery (just like you could with a USB), and also order high quality prints from a professional lab that get delivered right to your doorstep. I highly suggest ordering prints through my online gallery. I cannot guarantee quality from any other lab.

Do you have a backup plan incase of sickness or emergencies?

I have NEVER had to back out of a booking for an emergency. I take my job very seriously. Of course, I have a great community of photographers that are highly skilled who would take over if for some reason something awful happened and I couldn't make it. As I professional, I always have a back up plan!

You are a little out of my budget, but I LOVE your work. Do you ever do discounted rates? 

I do, but rarely. I do believe in blessing people when I have the time. If you love my work and cant imagine your day without me, message me! I understand weddings are expensive, but also, my overall cost to run my business is very expensive. If I feel we are a good fit and its during a time that works for me, I might be able to look at creating a custom package to fit your needs. 

Do you travel out of the country?

YES! Just inquire and let me know when & where and I can send you a quote!

Are you covered by insurance? My venue requires it!

Yes I am fully covered by liability insurance. I would be happy to send them proof if they require it!

Can I bring my pet to my engagement session?

YESSSS of course! I have done tons of engagement sessions with pets, in fact, heres a photo of one right now!


Have more questions? Want to see some full wedding galleries? Email me HERE