Manhattan NYC

About my trip to Manhattan NYC

This was especially fun because it was for my BIRTHDAY & it was my first time visiting New York ever! There are so many areas to choose from depending on your taste. You could explore this city for years and still always find something new.

We went all over. Tribeca area & Little Italy was my favorite, but honestly I kind of liked it all. I know this is cliche, but Times Square blew my mind. It was way bigger and brighter than I imagined it would be. My favorite part was all the food and how its everywhere, an endless abundance of food & coffee! The walking was something I am not used to, I swear I lost weight on this trip from all the walking I had to do.

We loved it and plan to go back again soon. So many great things to do in the city that we didn’t have time for. Its an oasis for artists and photographers.

All shot on film, processing done by The FIND Lab Light leaked film by Dustin Adams Photo

Heres a gallery of some iphone pics also for fun.